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Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run!

Journey To The Chaos: SanZang ...

Where is here? Oh… It occurred to me that Bodhisattva asked me to participate in a match called Journey to the West. Monk Sanzang is sent into a haunted place full of zombies [...]


MosterJong is a free solitaire game where the player is challenged to eliminate all pieces of monstersfrom the board. Find matching pairs of horrible monsters from the end lines of [...]
Zombie Impaler

Zombie Impaler

Zombie Impaler is an Archery game that follows the ever-growing epidemic of Zombies that have risen from the dead within the confines of a small scenic village. Use your Bow and Ar [...]
Evil Wyrm

Evil Wyrm

Evil Wyrm: Hide yourself, don’t be burned by the dragon!
Knight Treasure

Knight Treasure

You are a Knight Treasure, The course of true love never ran smooth, and doesn’t this brave knight know it!
Zombie Can’t Jump

Zombie Can't Jump

Grab your weapons and construction kit! Challenge and fun is awaiting you in this original, nail hammering zombie defense game. Don’t let the zombies knock you down – b [...]

Our Defense Games

TANKS TANKS is a turn by turn turret shooting game. The [...]
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Evil Nights Evil Nights is a game in which you control a wizar [...]
Dr Lee UAssault In Dr Lee UAssault an action shooting / defence ga [...]
Army Of Destruction The objective of the game is to not let your base [...]
Young Lee Young Lee, needing to submit to his training, watc [...]

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